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Wills Lawyer Knoxville, TNCarpenter & Lewis PLLC is a firm that wants to bring their clients the best we have to offer, so that their needs are met. We don’t try to split our focus from estate planning and transactional law, that way you know we’re focused on you and your needs. Whether you’re a business or an individual, we’re here to help you. 

We focus on:

  • Drafting wills.
  • Drafting trusts.
  • Settling probate estates.
  • Settling probate trusts.
  • Forming LLCs or other entities.
  • Small business law.

Carpenter & Lewis PLLC has four lawyers, with varying educations and memberships. You can find a wills lawyer Knoxville, TN that you like that suits you and your case. 

Why Do I Need a Will?

If you die without a will, you actually make things harder for your family. If your estate isn’t as large and complex as someone who had more money, you still want to have a will to make things easier for your surviving relatives. Know this, before we begin: there is more to estate planning than just planning out your will. You have to account for your assets, ensure that your funeral and other plans are accounted for as well. 

If you keep written lists and inform your estate manager of those lists, it means they’ll always have a total list of your assets and wishes. An easy way to understand what estate planning is is to work with a wills lawyer in Knoxville, TN as they’re going to have a better idea of how to word your will, how many copies to have of it, and how to handle the rest of your estate. 

First you want to itemize! You want to go through your home, any properties you own, and make a list of all your valuable items, from your home itself to electronics, jewelry, collectibles, automobiles and more. This list is probably going to be longer than you originally thought it would be, and that’s okay. 

You then want to make a list of your non-tangible assets, like 401(k_, IRAs, bank accounts, life insurance policies and more. This list has to have all of your account numbers, the location of any physical documentation they’d need to access said accounts, and more. 

Next you should assemble a list of all of your debts. This is open credit cards, auto loans, mortgages, home equity line of credit (HELOCs) and more. Again you want to include account numbers, any physical documentation needed, information on the company’s that hold the debt and more. You want to make this as easy as possible for your relatives. 

It’s a lot of lists, and we’re going to tell you to make another list. This one is memberships, like AARP, The American Legion, college alumni groups and more. This is especially important if you make donations to them, or plan to leave a portion of your estate to an organization. You’ll want to include as much information about the membership you have with them.

Last but not least, your wills lawyer in Knoxville, TN is going to tell you to make copies of your lists, and keep the copies separate from the originals. Your originals should go to the estate administrator, your spouse or a deposit box, and lastly the third copy should be yours to keep. 

Reach out to Carpenter & Lewis PLLC today to learn more about wills planning. 

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